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What is Australia Network?
Australia Network is Australia's international television service, beaming to more than 44 countries across Asia, the Pacific and Indian subcontinent. We are part of ABC International, a group that facilitates cross-cultural communication, encouraging awareness of Australia and building regional partnerships. Australia Network presents a cosmopolitan and comprehensive range of informative and entertaining programming. To find out more about us look under the About Us menu at the top of each page.
Do I need a Smart Card to watch your service?
Australia Network broadcasts certain programs such as our International Rugby Union coverage via an encrypted signal. If you are receiving us off IS-8 via your own satellite equipment (including hotels and SMATV viewers) you will need to obtain one of our free Smart Cards to watch these games.

If you are receiving us via IS-5 you will need to check you have the correct decoder and then register it. Once registered your decoder will be able to access our encrypted programs.

For more information and registration forms, go to the Encryption page.

How do I find out what's on Australia Network where I live?
You are able to watch Australia Network's television service throughout most of Asia and the Pacific region. When you first come to our website the default TV schedule is set to Hong Kong. You can change this to your nearest location by clicking on the 'Change Location' button on the Australia Network home page and selecting your location from the drop down menu. The 'Change Location' button can be found on any page that contains TV schedule information.
Is there a way of searching your site?
We will shortly add a search function to the website. In the meantime, please use the quick links included in the footer of each page of the site. If you still can't find what you are looking for please contact us using our email form.
I want some more information about a program I saw on your channel recently, can you help?
Each program presented by Australia Network has its own program page. You can access these pages either through our 'A-Z Listing', 'Program Genres', or 'TV Schedule' pages under the 'TV Guide' menu.
Can I get transcripts or tapes of your programs?
Australia Network offers selected transcripts for our Learning English programs found in the Learning English section. Links to other programs offering transcripts are available from individual program pages in our TV Guide.

Australia Network broadcasts a number of programs produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). The ABC offers video and audio tape sales of programs. More information can be found at:
External Website

How do I find out about advertising on Australia Network's television service?
Australia Network is a commercial service. Australia Network offers advertisers a powerful means of reaching the educated, affluent and mobile market in the region. Television and online advertising enquiries can be made using the email form in our Contact Us section.
How can I find out about other ABC services such as Radio Australia?
All pages of Australia Network's website include a link to Radio Australia's website.
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