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What is life really like in Australia? How to do people think, interact, communicate, eat, work, play and relax? Join three young recent arrivals from the Asia Pacific region as they experience an 'ordinary' week in Australia. From the mundane (like buying food and doing the dishes) to the lofty (environmental concerns, moral frameworks, community ties), our guests are immersed in the real, intimate workings of Australian homes, families and workplaces and share their reactions and insights via video diaries.

This Australian Life is a new 10-part series that you can watch on TV and online. We are streaming full episodes of the program plus you can download exclusive Learning English videos and transcripts from each episode page.
Meet Our Guests
Sujatha, 25, is in Australia to study horticulture. She loves dancing, singing, adventure, travel and music - and is afraid of cockroaches. She can't swim but she would love to learn to scuba dive. She is from India.
Lester, 22, is from Hong Kong and is studying marketing while in Australia. He loves sports, video games and travelling. He thinks he is a nerd, but he would love to learn more about football, and enjoys trying new things.
Astari, 28, is from Indonesia. She is hoping to pursue an arts career, but in the meantime she is working in casual jobs ranging from fruit picking to cleaning. She also teaches Indonesian language as a volunteer. She loves the theatre, travelling, meeting people and learning their culture.

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